What It Is

Ever wondered what happened to that one actress? Dozed off to the loop of a DVD menu? Still dealing with trauma from something you saw on TV as a kid that you’ve been searching for ever since? Got a favorite background character? Fallen hard for a movie the critics malign?

For as long as I can remember, I’ve enjoyed finding little ways to play detective in everyday life. Clicking hyperlink after hyperlink until I’m a total expert on a tiny facet of culture. Using the the internet to time travel.

Microfascination is my own personal collection of rabbit holes. Every month brings a new question about the world or some piece of pop culture I’ve fallen in love with, and I can’t wait to tell y’all about it.

Who Writes It

I’m Abigail Oswald. I’m a writer, movie geek, and pop culture aficionado who came of age on the internet.

I write a lot about art, fame, and connection. (Check out my story about a werewolf who moves to the city, or this essay about one of my favorite horror movies in the form of Google searches!)

I’m interested in exploring how our connections with art affect the ways we perceive and experience the world. (Take a peek at my interview with a writer who watched Predator 146 times, or this conversation about a book that explores the possibility of a fictional character coming to life!)

Find more of my writing (or say hey) at abigailwashere.com!

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Writer, movie geek, and pop culture aficionado who came of age on the internet.